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consists of a Himalayan and Bornean, and of a Japanese species,
which have not webbed feet, but have a tail with a fringe of
elongated hairs.

Nectogcdz elegctns is one of the characteristic animals of the
"Thibetan plateau. It has webbed feet. Tho teeth are as in
Ohimarrogale I f- C J Pin -J- M -§-.

The other genera are terrestrial in habit.


The family  G-aleopitiiecidae  contains but  one  genus, which
has been at times referred to the Lemurs, to the Bats, or has been

FIQ. 253.—Galeopitheciits volans.

(After Vogt and Specht.)

made the type of a special order of mammals. It is better to
regard it as an aberrant Insectivore—so different indeed from
other forms that it requires a special sub-order for its reception.